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Zabrecky’s eccentricity is the result of a fearlessly lived and delightfully examined life. Strange Cures combines magic and music, knowledge and innocence, humor and pathos into a singular and unique narrative. His story is a weird and worthy subject. As is he.

-Jason Alexander, actor, comedian, director


Reading Strange Cures was like jumping into a time machine. Rob’s stories of growing up in the San Fernando Valley transported me back to my childhood and teenage years. He writes about stuff I hadn’t thought about in decades and his clarity and writing talent recreated memories I thought were gone forever. Some of his references made me laugh out loud. Gemco? Angelyne and Dennis Woodruff? The legendary Cahuenga Pass bus from the Valley to Hollywood? 

If you grew up in Southern California and are of a “certain age,” you’ve gotta read this book! I always knew Rob was a great songwriter, but who knew he was also a  fantastic author? 

-Jane Wiedlin, the Go-Go’s


Zabrecky’s stories of growing up in 1970s and 80s San Fernando Valley are woven with the rich color and detail of Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story. But instead of fun adventures with Santa Claus and the Bumpus hounds, this poor kid ends up getting shot with a .22-caliber Winchester sporting rifle by his FBI impersonating deranged uncle. 

-Chris Nichols, Los Angeles Magazine


Rob Zabrecky has long been one of the most unique and fascinating characters LA has to offer, and now he has become one of the city’s all-time great chroniclers as well.  Strange Cures is a hilarious and incredibly moving depiction of a nearly forgotten corner of the city that produced one of its most dynamic artistic flowerings. Destined to go down as one of the great LA novels.

-Richard Rushfield, Vanity Fair contributor, author On Spec, Don’t Follow Me – I’m Lost

Zabrecky’s memoirs are surprising, addictive, terrifying, magical. He careens through childhood, rock and roll, and popular entertainment by driving on the shoulder, passing on the right, and then playing bumper cars with the cold, hard truth. You’re in for a fantastic ride.

- Jim Steinmeyer, President of the Magic Castle, author, inventor

There are some voices, some lives, some stories that so uniquely and powerfully make up the blood of Los Angeles' pulsing, and Rob Zabrecky's Strange Cures is without a doubt one of them. A breathtaking journey through music, addiction, revival and literal and metaphorical magic by one of LA's most cherished and significant pillars makes Zabrecky's trajectory a read you won't soon forget."

-Amber Tamblyn, Actress, Author, Poet


Strange Cures chronicles Rob Zabrecky’s offbeat and amazing life. A suburban kid from Southern California, Zabrecky Houdinied himself from the underground Silverlake rock’n’roll scene—and the substance abuse that went along with it—and miraculously transformed himself as one of the most renowned magicians in the world. You won’t be able to put this book down.

-Pleasant Gehman, author of Showgirl Confidential, poet, dancer,


With Strange Cures, Rob at last reveals the origins of the many oddly-formed pieces that add up to this puzzle of a man. A fascinating and harrowing autobiography of a true American original. 

-Gregg Turkington, comedian & actor


From deep inside the recesses of one of the world’s most exquisitely cool and talented people comes a riveting memoir, deftly told, by an enchanting rebel hero in a special time and place. Strange Cures is a thrill ride I never never wanted to end.

-Stacey Grenrock-Woods, author, I California


Zabrecky is one of the most extraordinary people I know. The thought of his memoir makes one of my nipples tingle. 

-Derren Brown, mentalist, illusionist, and author

Strange Cures
 is the odyssey of an artist possessed by ever-expanding creativity. Zabrecky’s unique craft in music, magic, and acting have established him as an American cult figure three times over. The price paid for his commitment to performance provides tragic underpinnings to the triumph of Strange Cures. This book should be the fix that elevates the artist beyond cult status once and for all.

-Allan MacDonell, author of Punk ElegiesPrisoner of X and Now That I Am Gone


Rob Zabrecky invites the skeletons from his closet for a cup of tea and a hit of crack in his revealing, engaging, and ultimately inspiring story. 

-Steve Moramarco, musician


Long before Silverlake became a gentrified corporate destination, Zabrecky’s turbocharged punk pedigree and wild west spirit evoked what I’d missed about New York’s East Village scene. In Strange Cures, Mr. Z has incorporated a spellbinding storytelling magic that revives those glory daze and makes California Dreamin’—as well as it’s requisite nightmares—a page-turning reality!

-Ann Magnuson, actress, writer, artist


Strange Cures is an absolute SCREAM!

-Cassandra Peterson, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark


Strange Cures is the journey of an awkward young boy from the suburbs of Burbank who sheds his skin crossing over the hill into Tinsel Town where he takes flight into the alternative world of ‘80s and ‘90s Los Angeles, a time and place exploding with new music, artistic tension, and nervous rebellion. His story chronicles the thin edge of punk stars, rising stars, and falling stars. Strange Cures is a shooting star — an open book of dreams, abuse, recovery, family, friendship and love— and in the end, like Zabrecky himself, magic.

-S.A. Griffin, poet, author of Dreams Gone Mad with Hope 


Zabrecky has always been one of my favorite artists. Strange Cures reveals the twisted origins of his creativity and brilliance. I loved him before I read this book. I love him even more now.

-Derek DelGaudio, magician, performance artist


Strange Cures is a marvelous and chaotic dance of re-invention — more punk than “punk” itself. Zabrecky’s story is a calling of the soul. He is the wanderer who inspires others, like him, to wander. And more importantly, to wonder. A near perfect musing on what it means to be conflicted, lost, drug- addled, loving, peculiar and then to find some mystic way to being complicit with what is good in the universe.

-Kristian Hoffman, musician


I shouldn’t have been surprised that one of the greatest performers and most interesting people I’ve ever known would have lived one of the most amazing and harrowing lives I’ve ever read about. If the fates smile on Zabrecky, the memoir about the next phase of his life won’t be nearly as fun a read. 

-John Lovick, author, magician


Zabrecky is the real deal —a true artiste who wears his remarkable talents and turbulent troubles with an unforgettable ghostly-face. Do yourself a favour, eschew the vanilla, and read this fearless, hysterical, and remarkable work.

-Andy Nyman, actor, writer, director, and magician